In India, Nature Cure Diets, also known as Natural Diets are purely vegetarian. Such diets consist of wholesome foods which are consumed in its natural form. By natural food we mean food as provided by nature containing all the elements and not flavored or contaminated. Some common natural foods are raw sprouts, raw salads, raw juices from fruits & vegetables, boiled diet, soups & herbal drinks. These contain all the essential nutrients which helps the body in different ways viz. provides nourishment to the body cells; maintains the normal body processes & functions; provides materials needed for the repair of body tissues; causes no harm to the body; wards off disease and serves as a protection from old age.

Naturopathy is that branch of science where the body is healed from different ailments through the five elements of nature (air, water, fire, earth, cosmic rays). Such treatments with the elements of nature are quite varied and vast. The healing techniques totally ban the use of oral pills, drugs, medicines & any surgery. However, along with other natural treatments, a Naturopathic Diet in harmony with nature also plays a crucial role in combating the harmful toxins from our body. The purpose of a Natural Diet is to detoxify the accumulated toxins from the body, remove the body ailments and thus purify the body system.

In the US we have a solid primary healthcare system. The interest in alternative medicines is limited. The situation in India is different. Alternative cures are much more common and accepted. We are trying to present healthy diets to the audiences in US, motivated by the Nature Cure system of India. In addition we are providing these diets to the patients also.

Nature Cure diets can focus on a certain ailment like diabetes or hypertension, but can be taken by all, thus the diets are not restricted to patients only. If a healthy person wants to focus on a low sugar/low-fat diet they can try the diabetic diets. Shown below are some well known Nature Cure Clinics/Hospitals/Resorts in India which provide naturopathic treatments and diet. You may find each place to be unique. However, your choice of visit is totally personal and we leave it to you to decide the best.

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Naturopathy Hospitals in India

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