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is a cooking website for the foodie who loves Indian recipes. Sangita started teaching Indian cooking in the Monterey Bay and her students enjoyed the tastes. She decided to focus on recipes that are popular in India, but unknown to the people in the west. Also her classes are inexpensive and fun to attend. She is assisted by her husband Arijit who starts the class with a slide show of India and things Indian. One of her students Mary Brownfield a reporter for the Carmel PineCone newspaper liked her classes so much that she wrote a burb about her in the paper. You can read about it in our Blog section ("Our Cooking Classes" link).

On browsing our website we hope that you feel inclined to ask us for our recipes which we can package in a set of step by step cooking instructions, and if you want a custom cooking video to go along, we can do it all for a nominal charge. Sangita is also available for online consultations, via instant messaging, phone and email. We are also available for a personalized home cooking class at your location in the California Bay Area. Contact us for our rates which are negotiable.

NatureDietCure is also working with co-packers to package these tasty recipes as ready to eat foods. This is a work in progress. We have done some market research and will let you all know when we have a full range of products.

NatureDietCure has another niche focus namely Naturopathy which is very popular in India but not so in the west. Sangita has worked as a nutritionist in the naturopathic hospitals of India and developed many tasty recipes. If you want to know more about this, follow the 2 links namely "Diet Based Therapy" and "Nature Remedies" from the homepage. This should not be confused with the more popular (in the west) Ayurveda, as there are some fundamental differences.

Our website has a lot of line art which is not commonly seen, but is popular in the Bengali pop media culture. Since we are both from Bengal, a lot of our recipes are from there and we wanted to add a touch for all to see. Finally this website is a living document, and it is evolving as we speak. Please send us an email if you want to be on our mailing list, and do visit our website often for updates.

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