We visit Indian restaurants in the US, but we are never satisfied, so we end up cooking our own favorite dishes. When we were in Singapore we found tasty Indian foods. So for a person living in California to get the best tasting Indian food one might just as well fly to India.

Again when one goes to an Indian restaurant in North America the choices are from Punjab and South-India primarily, but India has a myriad of cooking styles that needs to be explored. Our experience is that there is a demand for exotic tastes in the United States (US).

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The cuisines of Bengal that we focus on are eaten on a daily basis in the eastern part of the Indian Subcontinent with a population of several 100 million. Our goal is to bring this taste of Bengal to the people of California. So for this we are teaching classes in Monterey Bay. We are now trying to pack these tasty Bengali recipes as ready to eat dishes.

In addition to Bengal we also teach how to make recipes from other regions of India and you can follow the link to learn more about the diversity of Indian cuisine. If you like to know how to make the recipes at your own home kitchen, email us and we will send you all the details for a nominal price.

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