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The brains behind Naturedietcure are the wife and husband team of Sangita and Arijit Das.

Sangita did her Masters in Nutrition Science from Calcutta University in India. Later, she worked at various Nature Cure hospitals in Bangalore & Mangalore. Her major work was at the Dharmasthala hospital where she was the nutritionist and head of the kitchen.

Dharmasthala is a small religious and tourist town located in the south of Karnataka state. Dr. Veerendra Heggadiji presides the town and owns his SDM Colleges & Hospitals located in the various districts of Karnataka. The SDM Hospital in Dharmasthala, located in a scenic backdrop, is related to Nature Cure & Yoga. It is a rejuvenation center. People with different ailments come here to stay & get treated through the science of naturopathy & yoga. The hospital has a good diet center which serves only natural vegetarian diets to their in-patients.

Sangita’s joining the hospital, as a dietician helped the hospital staff to redesign the kitchen to meet the latest standards of India. This marked a great achievement for the hospital. It too helped Sangita to work at ease. She was able to expand her horizons to introduce and implement new diet regimens. Patients were overwhelmed by the food quality!

Diet, naturopathy & yoga are all inter-related. Patients admitted here are given instructions to learn all about these three subjects. Sangita provided hourly diet counseling to the patients in respect to their ailments. Classes and instruction were given by her, on how to prepare raw juices, raw salad, boiled food and herbal drinks. It was then that she thought of editing a Diet therapy book. With this idea, and lots of effort & support, her first book edition was published in 2003 (Dec). It was titled “Diet Therapy, A Few Recipes Related To Some Common Ailments”. The book is a success and till today is selling well at the various Indian hospitals.

The book has almost 100+ diet recipes. It has several editions now and is published in just three of the many Indian languages: English, Hindi and Kannada. She has plans to translate her book in other regional Indian languages in the near future. Right now she is designing other books and focusing on topics related to some common ailments. By all means, she looks forward to serve the community in a much better & knowledgeable way.

Sangita also featured for a cooking show in ETV-Kannada about her various diet recipes. ETV-Kannada is a cable TV channel in India that is focused on the south western part.

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